AIR::: by Isabel Sobral Campos [Pre-Order]


AIR::: is a map of intimacy, a long poem about breathing together, holding hands, and witnessing our entanglement in the physical world. In this poem, breathing entwines us with everything we encounter. We breathe mouth-to-mouth with plants, insects, stones, and each other. One walks in the city and the forest, remembering those who walked alongside us, and thinking how air traces our collective environment (and so our future), our ability to “share with” and the continuous transformations of our becoming.


Sample poem from AIR:::


A conifer trembles
everything inside of everything
collapses leftover gradient of gauze, the space dabbled between
our respective breathing sometimes I recognize you only by your primal sound
reaching into molecule, your pelvic heart-shaped pump
the bulbous bite of tellurian night haunts our form
Wind slinking
a light coniferous movement
Your field of vision strapped to a bunch of roots or roses or flat beams
Your field of vision witnessing the haul of air from the earth, an escaping “route of evanescence”


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