Sutra Press

“Follow the Golden Thread”

Sutra Press is an independent micro-press that publishes chapbooks that serve to change our lives and wake us up. As William Blake says, we give you the end of a golden string, only wind it into a ball.

Our mission is to publish emerging writers that hunger for truth. We believe that good poetry should nourish the spirit. While we identify as a poetry press, we strive to publish cohesive and experimental manuscripts. Our pressmark shares our beliefs in expressing the chains from which we break free, the widening gyre, the mandorla of creation, the radial mandala, the eye, and the golden thread that unites us with infinity.

We believe in community. Within our greater community, we believe in subversion and liminality. We believe that there’s no rush, but it’s urgent. We believe in sipping sorrow and guzzling joy. We believe in affirmation. We believe in sutras.

Since we believe words should hang together like thread, we publish hand-stitched limited edition chapbooks which weave together compassion and awe.

The founder and editor of Sutra Press is Samuel Binns, who founded this press as a labor of love.


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